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Voyages of the Mind

That which does not kill me makes me stranger!

Ris the Blue Rogue
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My Mind As A Game

Enter a magical fantasy realm in which the impossible happens every other weekend. In this strange land of floating islands and flying sailing ships, the past and future meet and mingle in the depths of space, and the world is only one of countless other inhabitable planets, most of which are host to intelligent life. All places are as one, and the only limit to your journey is your own imagination...

In this quiet corner of the eternal realm, the boundaries are blurred almost to the point of nonexistence. Attempts to save - or destroy - the world are greeted with hugs, and heroes and villains have equal airtime on major TV channels. Occasionally, for no apparent reason, it rains tacos, chocolate toads, and other peculiar foodstuffs. Fostering the noble but quite possibly rather naive belief that everyone can ultimately be good, the rulers of this kingdom eschew normal weaponry in favour of magical wands that change the colour of whatever they touch.

Yes, really.

The Corporation accepts no responsibility for injury and/or loss of sanity caused in any way direct or indirect by aforesaid game. Buyers are advised that the game is purchased as is and cannot be returned with or without a refund even if the product proves irreparably damaged. All attempts have been made to ensure that if you do have problems, we at Zircon B cannot hear you complain about them. Enjoy the impending destruction through Random Insanity of your home planet.

My Mind Rather More Boringly

'Round here, I go by the name of Ris - I prefer not to just hand out my real name all over the internet. Besides, having another identity is fun. I've been home educated all my life, so if you have any questions about home education, feel free to drop me an email. That's one subject I know I can ramble about with authority, and I enjoy doing so!

I'm in your university reading your physics! Seriously, though, I am. The world - the universe - fascinates me; I hope to spend my life finding out how it all works, though I know I'll only ever understand the tiniest fraction of it before I die. Life's too short!

I tend to be the quiet, shy person in the corner in any kind of gathering, unless someone asks me about my interests or my opinion on a subject I both feel strongly about and feel informed enough on to actually talk about. I typically make friends fairly easily, but I've only ever had a handful of close friends, people I'd go out of my way to talk to and spend time with. That's just the way I am, though, not any lack of socialisation or anything - I've met loads of people, and I like it this way. I'm innately good-natured, but just selfish enough to resent it occasionally. Eheh. ^^'

As well as figuring out how my own reality works, I like to spend time messing with other people's - in short, I write, both fanfiction and original stories. I'm Ardil the Traveller over on FanFiction.Net, and Air Pirate Ris on FicWad. I also enjoy drawing, though in that regard I'm afraid I'm mediocre at best. Oh well, it's fun, and that's what counts!

Finally, for those of you who noticed my unusual interest, plotholing is the science and art of finding and fixing plotholes. Every good author should be a plotholer. ^_~

My fanfic100 Sonic challenge is... 7% complete.
My fanfic100 Skies of Arcadia - Silvites challenge is... 1% complete.
My oc_art100 Federation challenge is... 1% complete.
My oc_art100 Dragonkin challenge is... 1% complete.
Only Yesterday is... 65 chapters long including the epilogue, takes up 124 pages in Microsoft Word including the page breaks, and is complete!